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Heya!My favorite snack mixes oainigrted from a traditional dish called dukkah and a dish I can't quite perfect that chef Jerry Traunfeld made at his Seattle restaurant called Poppy (their food is so amazing!). Saute coriander, fennel, mustard seeds, cumin, chili pepper in canola oil and add honey and sugar. add the mix to crispy rice, almonds, puffed kashi, cashews, raisins, cranberrys and pumpkin seeds. IT'S THE BEST MIX EVER!


I myself like the idea of sweet and salty totehger, but not too much extremes for each. For example I like chocolate covered pretzels but just a few. So a mix with far off flavors like chocolate and really salty nuts, while the initial taste for me is good, is too much of a difference in flavors to make a mix that you can use for a snack often. I would be interested in a mix that has sweet, savory, and even spicy in it. The idea of the cinnamon cheerios added sounds good, those things are great. A little sweet but not too much. Maybe corn nuts in it? Maybe a slightly bitter nut like walnuts? I would love to see something with a slightly different taste profile. Good luck!

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Boiling the Worcestershire to concentrate it is a good idea.

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